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Volume 10, Best of 2010     
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Inc Icon  Secrets of a Superstar Salesman
         What's a fair sales quota in 2010?
Inc Icon  Master the art of cold-calling
         Dig deeper: Improving your cold-calling technique
Inc Icon  Cold-Calling 101
         Mastering your elevator pitch
cnet Icon  Twenty Highest-Radiation Cell Phones
Entrepreneur Icon  Why Straightforward Salespeople Close More Deals
Entrepreneur Icon  The Dirty Truth about Price
Business Week Icon  A Frank Talk with You, Boss
         The disposable worker
Success Magazine Icon  Are you Drowning Your Prospects?
Harvard Business Review Icon  Six Social Media Trends for 2011
Forbes Icon  Three Keys to Giving Great Presentations

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Secrets of a Superstar Salesman
What is your key to success in any environment?

Vision Thing Deal sees his mini nuke generators fueling water-purification systems worldwide.
What's a fair sales quota in 2010?
Setting sales quotas is never easy, but here are some tips to help you do it right.
Is John "Grizz" Deal the greatest salesperson around? "You can tell a lot about what you're up against in a sales pitch by the way they serve you coffee," John Deal mumbles to me, as the others in the room noisily take their seats around the conference table at a well-known British engineering and defense contracting company on a dreary day in central England. I take this to mean that Deal has his work cut out for him, given that his prospects have unceremoniously plunked down in front of him a jug of scalding coffee and a stack of plastic cups, with no cream or sugar in sight. Deal begins making his case to six poker-faced executives, who proceed to blast him with an array of questions that cast doubt on his product, his business plan, his prospects for survival, and possibly his sanity. Every sentence seems to start with, "What I don't get is," or "The sticking point with me is," or "But how can you possibly...?" Forty-five minutes later, however, the managers have changed their tune. Now they are asking...
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Master the art of cold-calling
If you do a lot of cold calling, don't miss out on these techniques!

White Phone
Dig Deeper: Improving Your Cold-Calling Technique
Each Cold calling tip has a short summary that is matched with a detailed article on that particular technique, such as this one.
Let's face it: nobody really enjoys making cold calls. But sparking a connection remains a crucial skill to have whether you are a business owner, job seeker or even a volunteer looking to raise money. Here's a guide to closing more deals with fewer dials. Let's face it: nobody really enjoys making cold calls. But sparking a connection remains a crucial skill to have whether you are a business owner, job seeker or even a volunteer looking to raise money for your local non-profit group, says Eliot Burdett, co-founder of Peak Sales Recruiting in Ottawa, Canada. "Even with the rise of the Internet, which has changed the way people buy, having the ability to connect with someone cold on the phone remains a valuable skill for anyone to have," he says. The problem, quite frankly, is that like any skill, cold calling requires practice. And even then, the numbers don't always add up,...
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Cold-Calling 101
Who should you be calling and what should you expect from them?

Old black rotary tellephone
Mastering your elevator pitch
Create your script, test, revise, and test again.
Thinking of just picking up the phone and dialing an executive to drum up some new business? Not so fast. You need a game plan. Here's how to develop one. No one really likes the idea of being on the giving or receiving end of cold calls. The name alone is enough to give you chills. Maybe that's why some refer to the practice by the more euphemistic term "prospecting." "There's the old adage that 90 percent of people hate cold-calling and the other 10 percent are lying," says Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch Inc., and author of the book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale. However, even in today's business world, picking up the phone remains one of the best ways to reach an organization's senior executives. A 2007 survey by MarketingSherpa, a research firm that tracks what works in the marketing profession, found that only...
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Twenty Highest-Radiation Cell Phones
Check this list to see where your cell phone rates on the radiation scale.

Pong Research makes cases that it says reduce radiation levels for iPhones and BlackBerrys. (Credit: Pong Research)
We do a lot of top products lists here at CNET, and manufacturers are usually pretty excited to see their products on those lists. But this is one "top" list that manufacturers probably aren't too thrilled to find their products on. As we note in our intro to the list, for a phone to pass FCC certification and be sold in the United States, its maximum SAR level must be less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. In Europe, the level is capped at 2 watts per kilogram, whereas Canada allows a maximum of 1.6 watts per kilogram, just like we do. The SAR level listed in our charts represents the highest SAR level measured with the phone next to the ear as tested by the FCC. It's possible for the SAR level to vary among different transmission bands (the same phone can use multiple bands during a call), and different testing bodies can obtain different results. I should also add our usual disclaimer when discussing cell phone radiation levels. As editor Nicole Lee says, we are in no way implying that cell phone use is harmful to your health by publishing this list. Research abounds, but much of the literature is...
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Why Straightforward Salespeople Close More Deals
Honesty builds long term business relationships, which creates sales.

4 tips to help you 'tell it like it is' with your clients. Like any good salesperson, about once a year I take time to survey and interview my customers (and their customers). Common statements about what makes a good salesman include following up and good customer service. But what seems to be mentioned the most is, "I want a straight shooter, a rep who puts it all on the table with no surprises and no BS." Simply put, tell it like it is, and you'll reap the benefits. (Better communication, stronger relationships, trust, dependability and an overall comfort level with the partnership.) Here are some insights on how to know if you're telling it like it is...
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The Dirty Truth about Price
Is price devaluing your sales and marketing strategy?

Price is important, but it doesn't make or break the sale. If you think you lost your last sale on price, you're probably wrong. If you think you'll win your next sale by lowering your price, you're probably wrong. And even if your customer told you that you lost the last deal on price, and hinted that you could win the next sale on price, you'll probably still be wrong if you think it's about price. The simple truth is price is overrated. It's not irrelevant -- you do have to be competitive. And it's not trivial -- your price does send lots of signals. But it's overrated. Let me explain how and why that's true, and what it means for you...
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A Frank Talk with You, Boss
The annual review you would like to give to your boss...

Boss In The Spotlight
The disposable worker
Temp jobs may save or ruin your company. Know how to keep productivity up.
You're a bad manager who's driving us nuts, and here's what those of us who report to you want to tell you—whether you like it or not. Welcome! I'm so glad you made it. Make yourself comfortable. You're probably wondering why I invited you. You're in for a treat. You see, this is your annual review, the one your boss never gave you, the one that really matters. Don't get up. This isn't going on your permanent record. It's just between us, one professional to another. In reality, I guess you could call this an intervention. As with any wake up call, I'm doing this because I like you. You have so many gifts. But you've lost your way. And frankly, you're doing more harm than good these days. This is going to be hard to hear, but I'll say it anyway:...
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Are you Drowning Your Prospects?
Is your presentation overloaded with information or persuasion?

In today's competitive marketplace, everybody sells something-whether it's a product, a service, a philosophy, an idea or, most importantly, themselves. Your success often depends upon your ability to deliver a polished and persuasive presentation. Consider all of the different types of presentations a business professional might deliver: promoting an idea at an office meeting, delivering a three-minute elevator speech at a networking event, giving a sales presentation to a prospect or selling oneself in a job interview. All require the ability to deliver a solid professional performance! Salespeople spend a significant amount of their time verbally communicating, and yet many suffer from common shortcomings in their sales presentations that adversely affect their results. One of the most common mistakes is...
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Six Social Media Trends for 2011
How will your company integrate these social trends?

It was a banner year for social media growth and adoption. We witnessed Facebook overtake Google in most weekly site traffic, while some surveys reported nearly 95% of companies using LinkedIn to help in recruiting efforts. In my outlook for last year, I cited that mobile would become a lifeline to those looking for their social media fixes, and indeed the use of social media through mobile devices increased in the triple digits. I also outlined how "social media would look less social" or more accurately exclusive, and indeed, we've seen the re-launch of Facebook groups, which focus on niche interactivity, and more recently,...
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Three Keys to Giving Great Presentations
Three presentation keys to lower stress, increase energy and engage your audience.

Here's how to make the best possible impression. Few things in the business world are scarier than public speaking and making presentations to large groups. Intelligent, typically confident executives turn into quivering teenagers when they get up on the podium. Voices squawk. Shirts get stained with sweat. Once the lights go off and the PowerPoint goes on, engaging conversationalists turn into automatons, reciting slide after slide of data while the audience snoozes or drinks Starbucks to stay awake. I used to be the world's worst presenter. Seriously. I almost fell off...
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