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4 egotistical behaviors that lead to poor leadership


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  • Natural language search - what’s all the hype?

    Traditional search engines use manual tagging or keywords queried against their index to provide results to a customer. This neglects what your customers think, how they behave and what they expect from their search experience. With the evolution of search experiences provided by personalization masters like Google...
  • How Finance and IT Can Collaborate for Growth

    The collaboration between finance and IT is pivotal to any organization looking to grow, said Jim Caci, CFO of software-as-a-service (Saas) and data management platform provider AvePoint. Caci believes IT and finance should leverage each other’s skills to create a partnership, expanding their relationship from...
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Recommendations For Building A Better HR Infrastructure


  • After the 'Crypto Crash,' What's Next for Digital Currencies?

    Recent high-profile financial meltdowns at Bitcoin, Celsius, and Terraform Labs, which together wiped out hundreds of billions in market value, helped trigger a flight from the cryptocurrency market, driving its value from $2.9 trillion last fall to less than $900 billion today. This “crypto crash” has reinforced the perception of...
  • Reading The Fine Print On A Loan Agreement

    Securing a loan agreement can take up valuable time and energy, depending on the type of loan, the borrower’s ability to gather necessary information, and the complexity of the loan. But knowing exactly what you are signing yourself up for is equally important as accurately completing paperwork and rounding up necessary details. If you want to fully understand how fair APR loans work then you must...
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