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  • Stacked-money

    2018 Salary Guide: How Does Your Comp Plan Stack Up Against Other Companies?

    HR Morning
    Is your compensation strategy workable in today's business climate and tight labor market? There's a tool to help you answer that question. The Creative Group has published its 2018 Salary Guide, which offers info on trends, starting salaries and benefits, which will help you get a sense of where you stand. It's a pay-for-performance world Here's a look at the report's take on current compensation practices. See how your comp plan stacks up...
  • 10 Must-Have Skills For ITSM Pros

    New technologies like machine learning, cloud computing and IoT are changing how businesses serve clients and customers. Deploying these technologies in an IT service management (ITSM) environment can help businesses offer...
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  • 2016 CSO Insights Sales Best Practices Study

    This year's theme of "drawing back the bow" expresses our view of professional selling as a discipline and a creative endeavor. Imagine a strip of film being advanced frame by frame: A target sits at the far end of a large field. An archer steps up to the line with a bow and arrow. The bow is raised, the arrow nocked. Now, inch-by- inch, the arrow is moved backwards--away from the target. It is precisely this motion of drawing back the bow that determines the force and speed of the arrow's flight.
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How Does A Short Attention Span Affect Us In Work And In Life?


  • Presentations Steve Jobs Style

    BusinessWatch Network
    When you give a presentation, you face at least two hurdles. First, you need to sell yourself as a credible spokesperson on your topic. Audiences need to believe in you - and that's hard enough. Second...
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