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  • Crypto, Hypersonics, Quantum: The Disruptive Triad For 2022

    Had enough disruption? After COVID, riots, inflation, and busted supply chains, you’ll probably answer, yes enough for my lifetime. But things are just getting started. Here’s my predictions about the three technologies that will cause explosive disruption in 2022 (one of them very literally), with reverberations that will continue through...
  • The 10 best new Microsoft Teams meeting features

    Over the past year or so, Microsoft has added a host of new capabilities to Teams, its chat and videoconferencing hub, focused on improving video meetings with co-workers and other colleagues. Here's a rundown of the key new features to know and how to use them. Note that this guide refers to...
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Retaining Talent: Tech’s Starring Role In The Great Resignation


  • 4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid this Winter

    In the fractional CFO profession, we see business managers forget critical year-end tasks as they mentally check out and to go on vacation. Here are the top 4 financial mistakes to avoid this winter...
  • How to Get Companies to Make Investments That Benefit Everyone

    Regulators often punish companies for bad behavior—for instance, by fining them if they pollute the environment. But instead of focusing on what business leaders are doing wrong and constantly slapping their hands, government officials should shift to rewarding firms that make positive contributions to society, says...
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