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  • Reaching your full cloud potential

    Though companies have been quietly embracing cloud computing for years, 2020 proved emphatically to boards and C-suites just how vital the cloud is to survival and the pursuit of new opportunities. When the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered economies, businesses quickly discovered that they needed the cloud’s Web-based computing services to...
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  • Outsell your competition

    How to Use Marketing to Outsell Your Competition Every Time

    Looking into her eyes, the rising sun shimmering through the trees, I remembered how I first fell in love. That's when I realized my approach to business was all wrong. As an entrepreneur and writer, everything is a lesson about business, and (for better or worse), this moment was no exception. Normally...
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  • How to Improve Your RFP Response Process in 5 Simple Steps

    Let’s start with the good news: You have an RFP response process. You’d be surprised to know how many companies don’t even have that. If you don’t have a process yet, then I recommend reading How to create an RFP response process as well. Now the bad news...
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